Anyone who visited Žižkov day or night would testify that the place never sleeps. There are bars, pubs and bars at literally every corner. None of them, however, features such a distinctive atmosphere and delicious beer from Moravský Žižkov Brewery such as the restaurant named

Žižkov na Žižkově

It is located slightly off the beaten track, in the street of Chelčického, a few steps from the Lipanská or Olše tram stops. Refined cuisine, beer from a small brewery and friendly staff which truly understand their work – these are the three reasons for which you will returning to Žižkov na Žižkově.


Our meals made solely from fresh ingredients are appreciated equally by meat lovers and vegetarians and vegans.


Our beer brewed by Moravský Žižkov Brewery has an exquisite taste, aroma and refined fine bitterness.


This spacious yet cosy venue is ideal for a meeting of a larger company, as well as for an intimate get-together. 

Moravský Žižkov Brewery

Moravský Žižkov is a picturesque Haná-Slovak village in the Břeclav district. The first mention of beer-brewing in Břeclav dates back to 1414. The local brewery was established in 2012. Right from the very beginning, the goal of the local brew masters was to continue the tradition from the 15th century. Therefore, they chose Moravian malt and Žatec hops as the main ingredients. 

The key to brewing beer is a so-called double-mashing method, which is a traditional and proven method in the Czech Republic. The process of brewing to the final cooling takes about 10 hours. Even though the brewery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the main emphasis is placed on the traditional brewing process, which adds flavour, smell and subtle bitterness to the beer. 




Monday - Saturday 12 am - 23 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 22 pm +420 274 773 168

Chelčického 14  I  130 00 Praha 3

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