Starters, nibbles with beer / 100g

 Smoked salmon, green pepper and sour cream spread    85 CZK

Beer cheese marinated in beer with onion and goat horn peppers   85 CZK

Salad of sausage roasted in dark beer     75 CZK

Duck pâté with thyme, cranberries     95 CZK

Spicy toasts     95 CZK

Home-made bread   

Bread buns     15 CZK


Soup of the day     40 CZK

Steak tartare / ready made

​100g Steak tartare and 4 toasts     125 CZK

200g Steak tartare and 8 toasts      245 CZK

300g Steak tartare and 12 toasts      65 CZK

(onion, mustard, egg yolk, salt, black pepper, ground cumin, paprika)

Vegan steak tartare / ready made

100g Steak tartare and 4 toasts     105 CZK

200g Steak tartare and 8 toasts      190 CZK

(sweet potatoes, ginger, herbs, garlic…)

Salad bar

​Vegetable quiche with chia seeds on a bed of lettuce with lemon-and-honey dressing     155 CZK

120g Slices of beef steak on a bed of lettuce with Caesar dressing and poached egg, white bread crouton      225 CZK

120g Sandwich style salmon steak with ratatouille vegetables, iceberg lettuce with sour cream and roasted bacon     225 CZK


​180g Beef steak with pepper ice-cream, roasted potatoes, salad rocket     275 CZK

150g Žižkov Burger made of beef, bacon, spicy dip and jalapeño, onion rings, fries   195 CZK

150g Carpaccio roast beef with horseradish remoulade, lettuce, home-made bread buns     185 CZK


180g Farmer’s pork steak, spinach barley with cream     175 CZK

400g Spicy roasted ribs with honey and chilli, fries     240 CZK

300g Confit neck steak roasted in a crust of mustard, two cold sauces, sauerkraut, home-made bread buns     225 CZK


180g Roasted leg of duck with creamy cholent    175 CZK

500g Roasted chicken wings with tomato-garlic marinade, Coleslaw, home-made bread buns     175 CZK

Side dishes

Fries, potatoes, rice, toasts, dumplings     40 CZK

Vegan dishes

300g Thai pumpkin and bean curry, vegan bread buns     145 CZK

300g Barley risotto with ratatouille vegetables and soy milk, salad rocket     155 CZK


Tomato salad     55 CZK

Coleslaw     50 CZK


Cake or roll of the day     55 CZK

Vanilla ice-cream balls with hot cinnamon caramel     85 CZK

More nibbles

250g Home-made potato crisps with garlic dip     85 CZK

250g Home-made potato crisps topped with grated cheese     85 CZK

Mixed nuts
(walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and almonds)

100g     85 CZK / 200g      150 CZK
200g Fried onion rings with sweet chilli     85 CZK

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